Velcro Sneakers

Why choose a Velcro Sneaker over regular ones?

There are times when you have to leave the house in a few moments, but tying up your shoes takes just too much time, and running out with slippers is simply unpractical. But with a pair of Velcro sneakers handy, just three moves and you’re ready to go.

A situation where I personally can’t stand a normal sneaker is when I’m jogging or playing some running game and I’m trying to keep a constant running rhythm. There’s nothing more in the world that pisses me off more in that moment than having my shoes untie themselves.

Velcro Sneakers

Velcro Sneakers

No matter how well I tie my shoes, it just happens at times and it forces me to stop, tie it back, secure it and loose my tempo. Ok, so it’s not a world catastrophe, but with Velcro it would be a lot faster and easier to get myself back in ‘running’ mode.

A case where Velcro sneakers are particularly useful is for kids who don’t yet know how to tie shoelaces, and for those cases where you are just so crazy about Velcro that that’s all you want to wear. I have a friend like that. I don’t recall seeing him with a regular pair of shoes, with shoelaces and all, ever!

The Velcro technology was invented in 1948 by George de Mestral and named it after the French words velours, meaning ‘velvet’, and crochet, meaning ‘hook’.

However, in hit movies such as “Men in Black”, “Powerpuffgirls” or “Star Trek”, they mention that the invention is actually of alien origin, handed over to us by a superior life form.. Yeah.. In other words, we’ve no idea how Velcro was discovered in the first place:)

Comparing a Velcro sneaker with a regular one, with laces, we can’t see any difference in performance. And although they’re easier to put on, they won’t ever fall off your feet while running. They’re safe.

The hook and loop have a very powerful bond. You need to pull a certain way for it to break and take the shoe off.

Also, thanks to the distinctive sound, you don’t need to worry about people making bad jokes by tying your shoelaces one to another 🙂

One small disadvantage is that if you’re keen to tune up your shoes by changing the color of their laces, you can’t do it with a Velcro sneaker. Your best shot is to paint the whole thing up. Otherwise, I believe they are simply fantastic!

Anonymous November 24, 2010 at 11:57 am

Velcro is infinitely better than the million year old “technology” of tying shoes to your feet. Why are such shoes nearly impossible to find? I had a pair once, and they were great. When they went bad I tried to get new ones but had to buy a pair of “Neander-tech” shoes you tie. 🙁


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