Vans Brings Out the Vault Aloha Pack

Now that summer is just around the corner, it’s just about time to start thinking of your gear for the season. You wouldn’t want to wake up one day with everybody sporting new stuff and you being the only one left with last year’s offerings, would you?

Just kiddin 🙂

Vans is just pulling out their Vault Aloha Pack which is going to kick ass for everybody who knows his stuff and wants to spend the Summer in style.

So they’re doing it with a re-issue of the Sk8 Hi and the Era LX models, in bright new Hawaii inspired colorways. Now, Sk8 Hi might not be the best choice for a summer shoe, but goddamn, Era kicks ass!!

Both models feature an almost criminal design that makes you think of a cool tropical island where the secret word is “Freedom”! With these lively drawings, there’s no way you’re going by unnoticed.

Vans will sell you the Sk8 Hi model in two basic colors, orange and light blue, while the Era will storm out in three sexy combos: orange, blue and brown. Hmm… Sweet!

Vans Vault Aloha Sk8 Hi Blue SneakerVans Vault Aloha Sk8 Hi Orange SneakerVans Vault Aloha Era LX Blue SneakerVans Vault Aloha Era LX Brown SneakerVans Vault Aloha Era LX Orange Sneaker

So, waddya think? Could these be the best kicks of the season? Is there any chance for somebody else to pull something cooler?

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