Vans and Supreme Release New Sneakers

Vans continues to collaborate with numerous distributors all over the world. This month’s most notable event is the release of the new Vans sneakers created in collaboration with the New York based Supreme, one of the top skateboarding store chains, with stores in NY, San Francisco, Tokyo and Osaka.

This collaboration brings back the old Mike Carroll sneaker, which was taken off the shelves back in 1994 when Carroll left Vans for DC Shoes. He later started his own shoe company, Lakai. He used to be one of Vans’ top sponsored skaters, although he had a reputation for being super lazy.

The plan is for these shoes to hit the shelves on March 17th in the US and on the 19th in Japan, both online and off… However, with delicate situation in Japan right now, I’m not sure everything will go according to plan.

Here are a few pictures of the upcoming Vans Supreme sneakers:

Vans Supreme SneakersVans Supreme SneakersVans Supreme SneakersVans Supreme Sneakers

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