Turn Your Sneakers into Speakers

What? Am I crazy? Don’t I have anything better to do than to urge you to cutyour cool new pair of kicks into pieces?

Actually, I have. However, this really caught my attention. There is a custom sneaker artist called NashMoney who didn’t have anything better to do than that, so he installed woofers and tweeters into a brand new pair of Nike Air Force Ones, essentially ruining them…

But he did come up with a rather neat new pair of computer sneakers… Well, ‘neat’ is pushing it a little. ‘Unique’ is more appropriate 🙂

Sneaker SpeakersThis thing came up at a competition started by Havana Club, and is supposed to suggest the ingenuity of Cuban people.

Apparently, the first thing that was played on these sneakers was Hustlin’ by Rick Ross. I’m sure it sounded awful, but in the end who cares…

The point of it all is that, if you’re ever stuck somewhere in the wilde and really want to hear some good music, all you have is to tune up you sneakers and you’re set 😀

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