Star Wars Sneakers

It was almost inevitable for sneakers to eventually make their way into the line of Star Wars merchandise. As one of the greatest movie in history, it has spawned an enormous range of toys, clothing lines and all sorts of household accessories.

Well, the Star Wars sneakers came up a little later, but boy did they arrive in style! I remember seeing the launch of Adidas’ Star Wars Originals Collection in Time Square.

The event was staged as a procession of Star Wars fans towards the Time Square Foot Locker store, led by Snoop Dogg, Darth Vader and an army of storm troopers. I couldn’t understand what Snoop had to with all of this, but hey, who really cares. The event was talked about by many bloggers those days.

The collection included quite a number  of awesome modls. I really like the ‘Yoda’ one, which looks like it was hand made by your local artisan. The top texture really looks like alien skin, so who really knows? Maybe it’s made in a galaxy far far away..

The Adidas Star Wars 'Yoda' SneakerHere are a few more pictures of the models available:

Star Wars SneakersStar Wars SneakersStar Wars SneakersStar Wars Sneakers

Well, that happened in 2010. Now, Adidas in preparing the new collection. For instance, they just released the ZX 8000 Emperor sneaker. This is awesome! We’ll see the rest in the coming weeks.

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