Snoop Dogg Launches Adidas Originals Star Wars Collection

Just browsing the net the other day, I ran into this piece of news that really made my day.

Looks like Snoop Dogg joined the dark side of the force and made it into a parade with Darth Vader through midtown Manhattan to promote the launch of the new Adidas Originals Star Wars collection.

He left with Vader from the 34th Street towards Times Square, together with an army of star troopers. You can imagine the scene and the astonishment of those who were there at the time.

Snoop Dogg and Darth Vader

Snoop Dogg and Darth Vader

They hit the Time Square Foot Locker store where fans have been waiting the whole morning. Snoop, at the head of the star trooper army, presented a new orange sneaker, the centerpiece of the whole collecton, with the help of R2-D2.

Here’s a video of the thing captured by the guys at Techland:

While I do understand the importance of the partnership between Adidas and Star Wars, I’ve yet to figure out what Snoop has to do with the whole thing. I’m not saying it’s bad, but knowing a thing or two about marketing, I still think that Star Wars fans aren’t exactly the core of Snoop’s fan base.

But besides that, I’m sure it must have been quite a show. You don’t see star troopers walking down the street everyday and you certainly don’t expect them to be headed by Snoop Dogg. This new line could be something interesting.

Anyway, here’s the Adidas promo video for the launch of the Star Wars Originals collection, featuring Darth Vader, David Beckham and Snoop:

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