Sneaker Skates

Sneaker skates have become popular in the last few years, being sold in stores all over the US and the world. It’s one of the latest craze in this industry.

Simply put, sneaker skates are ordinary sport shoes with wheels on the bottom of the sole which come out at the simple press of a button. This transforms them from a simple pair of shoes into the craziest thing you’ve ever ridden.

So why walk when you can fly?

Sneaker skates have such a big catch to the youth because of their novelty. One moment you’re walking, the next you’re skating.

They are a wonderful invention for those who do not skate that much, but occasionally enjoy a fun ride on 8 wheels.

However, they’re not that useful for skate fans because they cannot do many tricks with them.

In fact, they are quite dangerous because they don’t have any form of braking device. On a slope, if you aren’t very experienced, you’re in big trouble.

Their wheels are made of plastic, which offer little adherence. They don’t offer any protection for your ankles and the elevated heels can be quite uncomfortable.

If you’re panning to jog in these shoes, forget about it. The wheels can come out when you’re least expecting it, in spite of the numerous safety measures taken by the manufacturers.

I recommend that you always wear protective gear whenever you’re skating with them, just like with ordinary rollerblades.

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