The Secret Lure of the Slip-On Sneakers

Whenever I hear about slip-on sneakers, my first thought goes towards Vans and their classic shoe that made history. But they weren’t the first to introduce slip-ons. They just made them cool and fashionable.

I still have that image of that cool outfit, with a pair of slim black pants, a white t-shirt, a leather jacket and a cool pair of Vans slip-ons. I have yet to buy the sneakers, but I have the rest of the outfit.

What made slip-ons successful was the lightness and ease of putting them on. They are the perfect footwear for the summer, if you don’t want to wear sandals or slippers. They are just as easy to put on, but they look ten times as better.

Slip-on SneakersBesides Vans, there’s a whole bunch of brands of there that have lines of slip-ons. I don’t really like the fact that a good portion of those is for women, but in the end, there’s plenty of choice for everybody’s tastes.

What are some of the brands that make cool slip-on sneakers?

For instance, Ed Hardy’s slip-ons take cool design to a completely new level. With an impressive background in tattoo art and experience in the clothing industry, his models give a completely new meaning to his trainers. It’s more than just looking good… It’s poetry! That’s what a true artist can do. Their price is typically around 75 dollars, but they some cool bargains too.

Skechers has also spent a good deal of time designing their line of slip on shoes. And while they do feature a rather aggressive appearance, they are super comfortable. Come on, the Skechers people know their stuff.

However, what I do hate about them is that they like to call those slippers they do ‘sneakers’. Come on, they are not sneakers… Nobody wearing a pair of those would ever make it 50 meters without losing a shoe or accidentally stumbling. False advertising 🙂 However, they look good, though;)

The Italian brand, Diesel has played around with the idea of slip-ons and they did come up with something rather cool. They’re Italians after all; it’s in their blood… Ok, so I only found one model for women, but man, look at it… That fire red leather and the black mesh make it all so sexy. Awesome!

However, the most popular of all the slip-on shoes ore those build for kids. Yep, according to my estimate, half of all the slip–on shoes are made for those little children who don’t yet know how to tie their laces.  Every major manufacturer has at the very least one or two slip-on models for kids. It’s just such a big market not to be part of. Look for yourself!

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