Reebok ZigTech Make-Over by Giorgio Armani

It looks like Reebok’s most advanced running shoe to date, the ZigTech, is getting a major makeover from none other than the grand daddy of all fashion designers, Giorgio Armani.

I’ve mentioned in the past how the Reebok ZigTech sneaker is not really one of the type of shoes I’d see myself wearing any time soon, and I still stand by that. But it grew up on me lately. Maybe it’s the whole marketing or who knows.

Learning that Giorgio Armani himself is involved with this model definitely gave me a serious reason to start trusting the model.

Ok, so word’s out that the new spring/summer EA7 collection of Emoporio Armani will include special editions of the ZigPump, ZigLace and ZigTech Nano models, exclussively for women.

They won’t feature any structural changes. Only the colors and, sure, the materials. But the whole technology behind them will be intact.

Reebok Armani ZigPump SneakerReebok Armani ZigLace Sneaker

Not much of a makeover, I must say. I can do the same with spray paint. Makes me think that Armani was on vacation and the secretary did the job instead…

That aside, you’ll now be able to do your regular run in the park and look great at the same time. (Disregard my previous remarks, I started liking the model now:) )

The story of its performance is the same as with the base models: The zig-zag sole picks up all the energy from the energy from the impact and transfers it back to the feet so that the runner can use only half the usual energy necessary for the same track. I never tried them, but I may do it soon.

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