Puma and Adidas To End 60 Year Old Conflict

Sports goods giants Puma and Adidas were founded by two German brothers, Rudolf and Adi Dassler over 60 years ago. They both started manufacturing sneakers in the 1920’s in their mother’s home, and experienced quite numerous successes.

They stopped working together though during the Second World Was, probably due to political differences. So they both founded two different companies on the two sides of a river in Germany and went on to become global firms and strong adversaries. Rudolf founded Puma in 1948 and Adi turned his Adidas brand into a synonym with high performance ports apparel.

When the split was made, the town also split in two different camps, each loyal to their respective employer.

Adidas and Puma Headquarters

Adidas and Puma Headquarters

Today, none of Adi or Rudolf’s descendants controls the firms and the sports giants are about to close this 60 year old rivalry with the first joint activity that will be a football match between the employees of the two firms.

I’m curious if this match will give birth to more joint activities of will transform into an even a more powerful rivalry.

To find outmore about the feud between the two brothers, go read Sneaker Wars: The Enemy Brothers Who Founded Adidas and Puma and the Family Feud That Forever Changed the Business of Sports.

It’s a great book that will make you further understand the world of global sports apparel manufacturers.

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