Old School Sneakers

Old schools sneakers refer to the sneakers models that were popular back in the ‘70s and the ‘80s. They are generally a reminder of the rap and hip-hop culture that was emerging in that period.

The term “old school” itself refers to something that is old, outdated, but not in a negative way. Old school involves a level of admiration for the past.

As mentioned earlier, old school sneakers are somehow classical models. They are very popular nowadays because they create a feeling of nostalgia for those days.

Old School Sneakers

Old School Sneakers

The representative companies for old school sneakers manufacturing are Adidas and Puma. Both are considered part of the old school hip-hop and graffiti culture of the 1970’s and 1980’s.

That is because the early rappers and hip-hopers preffered to use apparel manufactured by these two companies. These retro sneakers are as popular today as they were then.

Rappers and hip-hopers today still like to wear wide clothes just as their old school predecessors. Wearing old school sneakers is just one way they can omagiate the early days of rap and hip-hop.

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