New Vans – KISS Sneakers Available

The official Kiss site recently added a piece of news where they say they’ll add to the already large array of Kiss merchandise available, a freshly designed pair of Vans sneakers, the Vans Kiss sneaker.

Along with it, they’ll add some jeans, but that’s another story.

The sneakers are pretty cool. In the usual Vans style, the sneakers are richly customized and feature the figures of the four band members.

Also, on the outer side they feature the text „Rock ‘N’ Roll Over”.

They will soon be available in various stores all over the world and also on

They say there will be more Vans-KISS collaborations next year. I sincerely hope so. I’m tinking of buying a pair of Vans and these seem to be what I’m looking for. I’ll think about it.

Take a look below.

Vans Kiss Sneakers

Vans Kiss Sneakers

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