Michael Jordan Sneakers

Michael Jordan sneakers refer to the sport shoe line that Nike launched in 1985 after signing a contract with world’s top basketball player, Michael Jordan in 1984.

The partnership was the result of Nike’s effort to help professional sportsmen in their carrier. Nike has always been a promoter of sports and sportsmen, probably because while they helped athletes, they could also benefit financially from the huge publicity athletes could bring them in return.

Michael Jordan Sneakers

Michael Jordan Sneakers

Michael Jordan sneakers were a huge success since they were first released in 1985 because everybody loved Michael Jordan. Every season he would score more points for the Chicago Bulls than ever before in basketball history.

Every kid wanted to be just link him and Michael Jordan sneakers were sold like fresh bred. He was everybody’s idol.

Although quite expensive, many youngsters were making economies to be able to buy themselves a pair of Michael Jordan sneakers. There were even cases where parents were complaining about that. And that was all because Michael was the superstar of the day.

Over the years, Nike released twenty Michael Jordan sneakers models, the last one being launched in February 2005. Every new model was a huge hit with the public.

Michael Jordan sneakers are very popular even today, years after the retirement of the huge basketball star.

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