Keds Sneakers Articles Now Up On The Site

Keds sneakers are becoming more and more popular these days. The brand has a long history, and it was born about the same time as Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers, which could probably explain the striking resemblance between the two.

So I did some research and managed to put up two articles that pretty much tell everything there is to know about Keds sneakers and their little brothers, PRO-Keds sneakers.

The first three decades since founding, Keds has managed to create a name in the casual canvas shoe market, but did not have any model to compete in the athletic shoe department.

This let to the creation of the PRO-Keds brand in 1949, aimed exactly at professional sports such as basketball and tennis. The new brand took some of the old Keds models and reissued them under a new name and identity.

But enough of this! Go read the articles for more info.

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