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Keds Sneakers

Keds Sneakers

Keds sneakers are probably the hippest shoes today. A brand with a respectable tradition in the footwear business, Keds has reinvented itself in the last few years to become one of the most fashionable footwear brands today.

With a new image, they wear extremely well with any and all outfits, making it easy to make a fashion statement.

The roots of Keds reach back to 1916 when it was born as the first national athletic and lifestyle footwear brand under U.S. Rubber Company, the most important shoe manufacturer at the time.

Keds Sneakers

Keds Sneakers

Initially, they wanted to call it Peds, but the name was already taken, so Keds was their second best choice. They were fist marketed as ‘canvas sole sneakers’, but were soon referred to simply as ‘‘sneakers’.

In fact, the term ‘sneaker’ itself was invented by the advertising agency Keds hired, because, well, the rubber soles were so “comfortable and quiet that you could you could “sneak” up on your boyfriend or outwit your toughest opponent”.

As they proudly state on their website, “If there weren’t Keds, there would be no sneakers”.

Over the last 90 years, Keds were worn by fashion icons, leading actresses and professional athletes. It has been a symbol of classic style and performance innovation throughout the 20th century.

PRO-Keds Sneakers

In 1949, they introduced the PRO-Keds brand that would go on to compete directly with Converse’s Chuck Taylor in the professional footwear market. Read more about PRO-Keds sneakers.

Keds Classic Canvas Champion

Pro Keds Sneakers

Pro Keds Sneakers

The Keds Classic Canvas Champion is definitely the most popular shoe throughout the brand’s history. What makes is great is that it hasn’t changed one bit. The original is just stylish and comfortable as in 1916.

What they’ve added were a number of seasonal color variations and a special ‘green’ version of the Champion that proved to be extremely successful. In the last few years they made it possible to design your own sneakers, to ad your own drawings and have a lot of fun with it. You cand do that in the studio section of their website.

Keds Green Label

In tune with today’s ecologic concerns, they launched the Keds Green Label line of sneakers made mostly of organic and recycled materials. They use 100% cotton and non-toxic inks and dyes. The outsoles use 20% recycled rubber and the laces are made entirely from recycled PET (water bottles).

Historically, Keds sneakers proved to be more appealing to women and that’s why they are an essential element in any stylish woman’s collection. The revamping of the brand that’s taking place today however is set to bring the gender ratio to equilibrium.

That’s why a man who’s in tune with the latest trends is definitely going to lace up a pair of Keds sneakers this spring and summer.

As a post on AskMen.com mentioned, women are notorious for noticing a man’s shoes before the first handshake. In other words, you can rest assured that your Keds will leave a lasting impression.

Keds sneakers are easy to care when they get dirty. You throw them in the wash machine and air dry them and you’re ready to go again. They’re hold up well in stress and will not let you down.

Emile August 3, 2010 at 4:58 am

I happen to be very sensitive to Manganese in certain compounds, found in both synthetic and leather footwear (e.g. MnSO4 found on the inside of leather shoes as well as the insole, it is used as a tanning agent or dye). My body is absorbing the Manganese through the dermis (skin) which causes functional problems in the nervous system, i.e. loss of focus, impaired balance, chronic fatigue etc… It also affects the thyroid gland, liver and kidneys.

Do you or your coleaguges no of any sneakers which do not contain trace elements of Manganese salts.

Thank you for your time,
Emile Murphy


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