Gourmet Quadici Comes With Fresh New Colorways

For those who are looking for sneakers that are a little less mainstream, the models that Gourmet is offering are a definite good choice. With a blend of Italian and American talent, these shoes bring back something from the models of the late ’80 and early ’90.

Now, Gourmet is preparing the release of their new styles for the Spring/Summer 2011 and the most interesting of all is the Quadici model which will be released in two colorways: navy and leopard.

While the navy looks a little boring, the leopard colorway is the one that takes the hotspot. Take a look at it.

Gourmet Quadici LeopardGourmet Quadici With All ColorwaysThe sneakers are a little strange, as they have an Air Max midsole and a duck boot, but who really cares? They look great.

So get ready. They’re coming out soon.

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