Geox Sneakers

I’ve seen quite a few ads about Geox sneakers lately and that got me curios. I had to find out more and, of course, write an article about it with a little more info. Their slogan says “The shoe that breathes”, which immediately got me thinking about ZigTech’s slogan, “Energy for the feet”. Both sound a little too much,  but it’s worth digging deeper.

A few facts from Geox’s history.

I burst out laughing when I heard how the idea that launched the company first came to life. The founder was on a business trip in the US when his shoes were getting a little hot. You can almost sense the stench inside.

So what did he do? He made a couple of holes in the sole so that he could get some fresh air in. Haha, reminds me of myself when I was  6 or 7.

Well, he founded Geox in 1995 and since he couldn’t find a sexyer name, he started manufacturing shoes, jackets and other clothing accessories.

Geox sneakers only came to life in 2008, when they decided that they’ve done a good job putting holes in regular shoes and that the time to do the same with sport shoes has come.

How cool are these sneakers?

Geox SneakersI didn’t get a chance to test a pair, but if I follow the official data, they do have a very smart technology that lets your sweat easily evaporate through the membrane.

When you you’re out there sweating during your regular run through the park, you won’t have to keep your feet soaked in sweat because it will easily get out through that intelligent material (I think it’s a mesh they’re talking about 🙂 ), and your feet will feel much cooler thanks to that fresh air. I have a serious deja-vu already =))

What’s interesting, however, is that they’ve got some really cool models. Light, perfect for the summer. Pretty simple, without useless details that cover half of the sneaker. They’ve got some relaxing colors that get you  feel Nirvana just looking at them.

What I don’t like, though, is their price. I’m not paying $140 for a pair of sneakers made of mesh. There’s a line you just don’t cross.

Anyway, for someone who’s got some extra cash, Geox sneakers are really nice and worth your time.  And since I doubt many will crowd to throw their money at the, there’s going to be an exclusivity factor that will make them even more interesting.

Check out the Geox sneakers at Zappos to get a better idea.

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