Exclusive Sneakers

Exclusivity has always fascinated us. We always want what we cannot get very easy.

Exclusive sneakers are exactly that. Only very few people can get them, mostly due to their price, which in turns makes them even more valuable. Hence the name.

These sneakers are rare because manufacturers only produce them in limited numbers.

That is either because they want to sell them at a higher price and have a higher profit from each pair (Bape sneakers come to mind) or simply because they are destined to certain sportsmen or other VIPs.

Exclusive Sneakers

Exclusive Sneakers

It’s almost impossible to come in the possession of one of these exclusive sneakers. You could try eBay, but you have no guarantee that they are original.

Probably the most exclusive of them all are the Bathing Ape sneakers.

These shoes are manufactured in a very small number and sold only in a small number of hard to find store around the world.

This rarity and the fact that they are worn by popular rappers such as Pharrell Williams make these exclusive sneakers so desirable and as a direct result, extremely expensive.

You won’t find any pair with less than 300$. If you do, then that’s not an original.

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