Converse Wool Sneakers

Well, now that summer’s over and everybody’s already thinking of the cold weather ahead, it looks like the old summer sandals aren’t going to cut it.

Fortunately, Converse has thought of a way that will help you look cool and feel warm at the same time.


Well, they teamed up with Woolrich to create a brand new Converse wool sneaker that will get you through the rough winter looking your best.

They look great and they have the classic Chuck Taylor label to prove it. They come in both low and high tops.

Converse Wool Sneakers

Converse Wool Sneakers

From what I’ve seen, there are two models that came out of this partnership: A Converse Wool sneaker and a Woolrich Converse boot (seen in the picture above).

I found a pair of then at some point, but they’re no longer available. It’s a shame.

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