Bape Rolls Out Its Summer 2011 Collection

Bape has always been a little crazy when they released something new. Many times, they didn’t even have to release something in order to make the world freak out.

But it seems like they don’t always have to do that and can actually do something decent without really shouting it.

The collection they’ve prepared for this season creates this vintage look which almost makes you feel nostalgic for whatever the ‘good ol’ days’ means.

The photo shoot for this collection was taken in front of some old boutique or garage, where the manager who looks like the doctor in “Back to the future”, stands out wearing his Bape pajama over his other Bape stuff.

All the images look like they’ve been found in a 80 year old man’s basement.

Of course, on top of that vintage stuff, Bape has added its modern twist, but the core of the collection seems to be made of loose fabrics which let you breath. There are plenty of tees and shummer sorts, lots of polos, fitted caps and all American jeans.

Oh yeah, there are a couple of sneakers in there, also!

It’s refreshing to see the guys at Babe coming out with something that’s not as ‘in your face’ as all their previous stuff. I’m curious if the prices still make you wanna drop dead though:))

Bape Summer 2011 CollectionBape Summer 2011 Collection Bape Summer 2011 CollectionBape Summer 2011 Collection

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