Asics – PickYourShows Teal Dragon Gel Lyte III

Asics is always on the lookout for new partnerships and other cool deals to better reach the market.

So, this time, they collaborated with the US retailer PickYourShoes to create a new custom GEL LYTE III sneaker. They gave it a very furious name: Teal Dragon! Mwahaha!! I’m scared.

It’s got that name because of the cool colorway, a combination of fragile baby blue and fierce dragon red.

Asics PickYourShoes Teal Dragon Gel Lyte III SneakerOk, so the shoe doesn’t look anything close to intimidating like the name suggests, but come on, the name is great and makes you think twice.

The sneaker is made of a combination of suede, leather and it features a perforated toe box. For fresh air and stuff. They offer you two sets of shoelaces so you can match then to your mood that morning;)

The model is exclusively available of the website for about $80.

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