Adidas Releases the ZX 8000 Emperor Star Wars Sneaker

For all you Star Wars fans out there, prepare yourself, for the Emperor in coming! Adidas is preparing the release of the ZX 8000 Emperor sneaker and it’s going to be big! They’ve been working on this or a while and the results are awesome.

Look at this picture… it just takes your breath away.  It definitely looks like the emperor has somehow taken control of your sneakers with his powerful lightning bolts.

I like how the evil black of the sneakers is brought to life by the teal bolts on the sole and the three distinguished Adidas lines.

Adidas ZX 8000 Emperor SneakerApparently, the sole glows in the dark, and turn into a really Matrix-like green. I can imagine it can be quite a frightening scene when you see Darth Vader coming out of the shade wearing this pair:)

The heel cup is definitely a nice touch. With its shiny black texture, it puts a spotlight on the teal bolts in the open spaces.

What is really cool is the light maroon of the tongue and interior. I just love it!

Adidas is planning to release a complete range of Star Wars sneakers in the coming months, and a range of . They’re gong to do it in two parts: one which will be directly inspired by the six Star Wars movies; this is going to be the Select Pack.

The other one, called ‘Direct Pack’, will be a much wider implementation of the idea, where the stuff taken from the movies will be blended with other ideas to make them much more close to the pop culture.

I’ve seen the other models, but the Emperor is still the best. It’s not to flashy, but it does get you to take a much closer look.

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