Adidas Launches Adidas.TV

Adidas is moving the business in the Web2.0 world with the new Adidas.TV service which is a web service where you can find all Adidas videos that were released over the years.

The website has sections for all sports it produces professional footwear, particularly football and basketball, the two that make the most of Adidas’ business.

You’ll also find the videos for the ‘style’ footwear lines, such as the Y-3’s, Adidas’ take on high end fashion footwear.

The ‘Originals’ section is where you’ll find videos of what can be called “Classic Adidas Sneakers

The users of the site can have some fun creating their own widgets that will be continually updaded with fresh video and other content.

The site was launched with a library containing 75 videos, but will soon grow up to hundreds. Adidas has a long history, that’s been documented in countless commercials. It’s only natural for this site to be the center of everything related to Adidas media.

For syndication, you can integrate the Adidas player with your blog or with over 25 social networking sites. Here’s how it works:

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